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For Security, Guard and Money Transfer Services

The largest security and guard companies in Egypt

The leader in security


Prevention Company for Security, Guard and Money Transfer Services (LLC) under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board of Directors: Admiral Tariq Muhammad, is addressing its presentation to you, expressing the desire to cooperate with you to meet your security needs. We are confident that our services in this field, which are characterized by outstanding performance and high craftsmanship, will win your satisfaction and admiration.

 We have the honor to present to you the company's technical and financial offer for security and guard services, as well as an overview of the services provided by our company to its valued clients, hoping that we will succeed in making the highest use of our facilities. We also keep pace with your vision and future goals. We are pleased to study and evaluate your new goals in terms of security and provide all assistance to pave the way towards achieving those goals.

 As the company’s management hopes that our offer will be accepted by you and meet your wishes. We extend our best wishes to you with confidence in providing our services in a way that paves the way towards lasting cooperation between us in the field of security services.


The company's uniform has been carefully selected and executed by specialists so that the security officer appears in a proper appearance reflecting the company's interest in providing a decent service at a high level that suits the wishes of customers.

If there is a desire for any addition or change in the shape of the uniform, the request is considered and executed.

:The uniform items are as follows

First uniform

  • The shirt is in the color of light blue, and the company badge is on the top of the left pocket, and the collar and the cuffs are in the color of dark blue.

  • Tag Name banner.

  • Dark blue pants.

  • The vest is dark blue with the company's badge and phosphorescent marks.

  • Dark blue cap embroidered with the company's badge.

  • Dark blue tie with the name of the company on it.

  • Black leather shoes.


Second uniform

  • A dark blue T-shirt with the company's badge on it.

  • Dark blue pants.

  • Dark blue cap with the company's badge on it.

  • Black leather shoes


Third uniform

  • Winter uniform


Fourth uniform (supervisor's uniform)

  • White T-shirt with company's badge and dark blue collar and cuffs.

  • Dark blue trousers

  • Dark blue colored cap with company's badge on it.

  • Dark blue tie with the company's name in white.

  • Black leather shoes


Fifth uniform

  • A dark blue or black suit, according to the customer's desire, with the badge of the company on it.

  • Light blue shirt and a tie which matches the color of the suit.

  • Black leather shoes.


Important notes

A dark blue jacket with the company's badge is added in the winter season.

The security personnel shall be handed over to a number of 2 full uniforms every six months.


The company's general policies

The officers who have ended their service in the armed forces and the police force and who are recognized for their efficiency and good morals are hired to work as security managers at the company’s sites.

General supervisors and site supervisors are appointed from non-commissioned officers who have completed their service in the armed forces and individuals who have worked in the security field and are recognized for their competence in the field and of good morals.

Our company selects security elements from the educated Egyptian youth, taking into account their good appearance, a healthy body, the principles of fitness and good behavior. Our company then trains these young people according to an approved training plan prepared by a selection of the best officers of the Training Department of the Ministry of Interior and the Police Academy. This plan is based on the following:

  • Familiarity with security tasks in general.

  • Familiarity with the tasks of industrial security and fire.

  • Training in evacuation and escape plans.

  • Special training on technical assistance: (cameras - alarms - fire devices, if available in the institution). The necessary number of industrial security personnel for each site is qualified according to the security plan set, in coordination with the competent authority in the Ministry of Interior.

  • Make a daily traffic plan on the sites to follow up the workflow and to ensure the regularity of the personnel.Sound weapons, rubber and wooden sticks, detonators, service belts, walkie-talkies, metal detectors and reflective mirrors for car inspection can be provided to personnel and sites according to the customer's desire.

  • It is possible to conduct a site security survey, develop a complete security plan, determine the number of security officers required to implement the plan, and determine the capabilities required to ensure the successful implementation of the plan.

  • In the event that there is a private security manager at the site to be secured, all his requests from supervisors, security officers and equipment are met according to the security plan established to reach the required degree of insurance for the site.

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