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For Security, Guard and Money Transfer Services

Company's History:

The company was established on 01/24/2012 in the name of Leaders for Security, Guards and Money Transfers Services. The name of the company was changed to Prevention for Security, Guard and Money Transfer Services, which was extended from Leaders company on 11/10/2022.


Action plan

  • The formation of the guard team from morning and night shifts for 42 hours, whether working on an 8-hour system or 21 hours. The numbers and security personnel are determined based on the actual inspection of the site and accordingly:

  • Security officers will be armed with a service belt and rubber sticks.

  • A sound weapon will be added to the site that will be traded between the two shifts on the company's side.

  • In the event of a desire to provide live weapons, it is provided three months after the date of signing the contract in order to be able to obtain the necessary permits and licenses.

  • The site is secured around the clock for 7 days a week as follows:

  • The site security plan is developed after careful inspection and field visit, bearing in mind the customer's vision and desire.

  • Weekly and monthly reports are written that include the following:

  • A report on the validity of the equipment used with the security officers on the site.

  • A report on the extent of discipline and commitment of the security officers to the site and their understanding of their duties.

  • A report on any special situations or complaints from the client for investigation and immediate action to solve them.

  • Securing the site continues during weekends, official holidays and feasts. The rest days of the security officers are borne by the company to arrange replacements for them without incurring any excessive expenses on the client.

  • The company provides distinguished services to its employees, including security officers and supervisors: social insurance, health insurance.

  • Establishing a fellowship fund for the company's employees in order to let them gain a sense of safety, raise their morale and ensure a distinguished social level for all company's employees.

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